When is 6G coming?

6G is a telecom standard that is presently being developed as a successor of 5G mobile communications technology. Several cellular operators and vendors ( Ericsson, Nokia, Huawei, Samsung, Apple, LG) and countries like China, South Korea, and Japan have shown an interest in 6G Technology.

Mr. Ekudden, Ericsson’s CTO, thinks that 6G would arrive in roughly a decade, a forecast that aligns with Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei, who told CNBC in September 2019 that 6G would be at least 10 years away. Early commercial implementation is expected between 2028 and 2029, according to ABI Research’s 2021 study, with more extensive deployment in the following years.

The Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions, a standards organization that develops technical and operational standards for mobile technologies, formed the Next G Alliance in October 2020, which includes Qualcomm, AT&T, T-Mobile Facebook, and Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. The partnership aims to strengthen the United States’ position as a leader in the deployment of 6G technology.

So we can conclude that 6G might become a reality by the year 2030