What is D-SON (distributed SON)?

D-SON is a distributed self-organizing network. In this approach, SON algorithms reside within the eNBs which can allow autonomous decision making at the eNBs based on all the measurement reports received by the UE and also additional information received through the X2 Interface. In a distributed approach, it allows for the ease of deployment in a multi-vendor environment and optimization on a faster scale which can perform optimization several times a day. Radio access network equipment vendors offer D-SON to self-configure, optimize, and self-heal their equipment.

D-SON algorithms have access to a limited set of data stored on edge elements. The load and coordination overhead increase very quickly as the number of nodes increases. They usually operate with limited knowledge and control. It is having difficulty handling multi-vendor configurations. It uses a low-level micro view of local regions of network performance to execute low latency SON algorithms.