What is CS-RNTI (Configured scheduling RNTI)?

CS-RNTI identifier is utilized in 5G as a component of Configured Scheduling resource assignment. It empowers RRC to characterizes the periodicity of the CS grant utilizing the CS-RNTI. CS-RNTI is a one-of-a-kind UE identification utilized for Semi-Persistent Scheduling (SPS) in the downlink and arranged grant in the uplink. Activation and deactivation of SPS are done through PDCCH addressed to CS-RNT in the downlink. In the uplink, in ConfiguredGrantType1, CS-RNTI is only utilized for re-transmissions as the activation and deactivation are finished by the RRC. For ConfiguredGrantType2, CS-RNTI is utilized for activation, deactivation, and re-transmission. CS-RNTI has a length of 16-bit and range is from 1 to 65519 (0x0001 to 0xFFEF).