What is C-SON (centralized SON)?

SON is Self-Organizing networks which is an automation technology designed to make planning, configuration, management, optimization and healing of mobile radio access networks simpler and faster. C-SON is Centralized Self organizing networks that is a function which is more typically concentrated closer to the higher-order network nodes or the Operations support subsystem. It can allow a broader overview of more edge elements and coordination of load across the geographic areas. These systems are more typically supplied by the 3rd parties for their function. It can perform functions like self-configuration, self-organizing, self-healing and self-protection. C-SON provides a centralized architecture where the optimization algorithms reside in the network management system or a central SON server that manages all. C-SON is now being deployed for Automated neighbor recognition (ANR), cell configuration, power control, Interference and load management at the network operations center. C-SON can take into consideration data from all nodes in the network to identify and address network wide issues. C-SON solutions generally recommend optimization alternatives that network operations can accept or ignore.