What is C‐ITS (Cooperative Intelligent Transport System )?

C-ITS is a Cooperative Intelligent transport system that can greatly improve safety and efficiency in road transport by enabling communication between vehicles, infrastructure, and other road users. For C-ITS to work, we need one common platform that is compatible with all vehicles, brands, and infrastructure. The EU is actively supporting the roll-out of C-ITS systems, by facilitating the development of such a platform as well as a legal framework. C-ITS refers to the transport systems, where the cooperation between two or more ITS subsystems (personal, vehicle, roadside, and central) enables and provides its service that offers better quality and an enhanced service level compared to the same ITS. Vehicles and infrastructure equipped with C-ITS can e.g communicate a warning to each other. The drivers are informed about the upcoming traffic situation in time for them to take the necessary actions to avoid potential harm. The use of C-ITS includes reduced congestion and improved driver comfort.