What is C‐IoT (Cellular IoT)?

It is a way of connecting physical things like sensors to the internet. New offerings within Cellular IoT will enable service providers to address a larger part of the IoT market with more advanced use cases, across multiple industries. Broadband IoT and Industrial Automation IoT are launched as new segments, to complement the existing segments of Massive IoT and critical IoT. It has enhanced our Massive IoT offering which together with new broadband IoT solutions, are designed to leverage new capabilities across 4G and 5G technologies. Cellular IoT solutions address diverse use cases ranging from the more basic use cases such as asset tracking and smart metering to more advanced use cases such as drones, AR/VR, to even higher demanding use cases such as Autonomous vehicles and collaborative robotics.

The solution leverages new 4G LTE and 5G NR capabilities in the four segments: Massive IoT which provides cellular connectivity to low complexity IoT devices based on NB-IoT and CAT-M technologies. Broadband IoT adopts the capabilities of mobile broadband connectivity, providing much higher data rates and low latencies than Massive IoT. Critical IoT which addresses extremely low latencies and ultra-high reliability connectivity requirements, powered by 5G NR. Industrial Automation IoT is tailored for advanced industrial automation applications of global manufacturers.

Its key benefits include New revenue growth which has new revenue growth opportunities from industry digitization, one network which supports a wide range of use cases across industries in a single network and preparing for 5G which enhances with 4G LTE network today and expands with 5G NR by smooth evolution.