What is BTS (base station transceiver)?

A base transceiver station is a piece of equipment that facilitates wireless communication between the user equipment and a network. BTS is known as Node B in 3G, eNB in 4G networks, and gNB in 5G networks. It acts as a fixed radio transceiver in any mobile network which sends and receives radio signals to mobile devices and then converts them into digital signals. The elements of BTS are transceiver: provides transmission and reception of signals, power amplifier which amplifies the signal from TRx for transmission through antenna, combiner: it combines feeds from several TRx so that they could be sent out through a single antenna, multiplexer which separates sending and receiving signals to and from the antenna, Antenna: it is the structure that the BTS lies underneath, Alarm extension system: collects the working status of various units in the BTS, control function which controls and manages the various units of the BTS including any software, baseband receiver unit which controls frequency hopping, signal DSP.