What is B5G (Beyond 5G)?

After 5G, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and telecommunications technology will continue to co-evolve in a systematic way bringing together a number of connections and human interactions, intelligence, and devices into one unit. Many of the key performance indicators of 6G will be 10 to 100 times greater than their 5G counterparts. In 6G, peak data transmission speed will reach up to 1 Tbps per user compared with the 10 Gbps speed as seen in 5G. 6G will become a complete framework of all the technologies that will connect the physical and the digital world and it will erase all the boundaries between the virtual world and the real world. 6G will become the communication fabric for all intelligent services, that allows people, robots, smart devices, and all intelligent controllers to collaborate with each other in a smart way. It will empower agents to share and communicate AI-generated intelligent messages. 6G is expected to create a network covering land, sea, air, and even space with the help of satellites and drones. Difficult terrain conditions like mountains, islands, and isolated rural areas will be covered with 6G technology. New wireless standards emerge about every decade, and 6G is expected to come into play in around 2030.