What is AIR (Antenna integrated radio)?

Antenna Integrated Radio is a new solution which means that no extra physical space is needed at existing network sites to deploy mid-band 5G. This solution strengthens the 5G platform to the radio system. Communications service providers can now deploy mid-band 5G networks faster and on a wider scale. The new AIR solutions directly address this issue to enable communications service providers to manage the growing complexity of macro sites and towers while reducing site footprints and optimization costs.

With AIR, no extra physical space is needed at existing sites. When it is deployed with massive MIMO, communications service providers can deploy mid-band 5G with the new solutions faster and on a larger scale. With the Hybrid AIR and interleaved AIR solutions, it can help customers to deliver the benefits of Massive MIMO. Hybrid AIR and Interleaved AIR can introduce 5G mid bands to existing sites by combining antenna integrated radios and multiband passive antenna technology in one enclosure unit.