What is AIPN (All-IP network)?

The All IP Network (AIPN) is an evolution of the 3GPP systems to meet all the increasing demands of the mobile telecommunications market. It focused on enhancements of packet-switched technology which provides an evolution and optimization of the system in terms of performance and cost. It includes Diversification of services, needs to satisfy user experience, use of packet-switched traffic, desire to encompass a variety of access systems, needs for increased system efficiency, and reduction in CAPEX and OPEX. The all IP concept was standardized with the split of MSC server - MGW split-core network architectures. It is a collection of entities that provide a set of capabilities for the provision of IP services to users based on the IP technology. AIPN provides all common capabilities which include: mobility, security, service provisioning, charging, and QoS. An AIPN requires one or more connected access systems to allow users to access the AIPN. The AIPN operator will also be a network / PLMN operator.