What is 5GC (5G Core network)?

5G Core network is built on cloud-native network architecture, microservices based technology and combines EPC (Evolved Packet Core) and 5GC (5G core) network functions into a common cloud native platform that supports 5G technology. The 5G Core network architecture enables the increased throughput demand that 5G must support. The New 5G core utilizes SBA (service based architecture) that spans across all 5G functions and all interactions including authentication , security, session management and aggregation of traffic from end devices. With SDN (Software defined networking) and NFV (Network Functions virtualization) supporting the underlying physical infrastructure. Cloud adoption in the network allows for the support of various services and network functions.

The 5G Core Network must be flexible, programmable and distributed in nature to provide the utmost performance and efficiency gains. In 5GC, network functions are deployed as micro services. The 5G core network functions can be moved to the edge of the network which satisfy the low latency demands. In 5GC, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning techniques are implemented to automate the core network, so in the core network automation is used to build the network.

5GC Network Architecture is represented in two ways : Reference point Architecture and Service based Architecture. In Reference point Architecture, it focuses on the interaction between pairs of network functions defined by point to point reference point. Service base architecture is a new way of defining the architecture, it also includes point to point representation where it is required. In SBA, the interfaces are service based that is why it is called service based architecture.