What is 5G Spectrum?

Multiple trials have already been conducted by various leading Tech companies and these trials are now showing how promising upcoming 5G technology is. However, in order to make our dream of 5G Technology become a reality, we will be requiring significant amount of spectrums which are widely harmonized 5G Spectrum is needed across three different spectrums namely: Low(Sub 1 GHz), Mid(ranging from 1 to 6 GHz) and High Bands(Above 6 GHz).

5G Spectrum in Millimeter Waves:
We will be needing to access the spectrum present in the higher range if we want to deliver Blazing Fast Speed and Lower Network Latencies. As the technology has developed, spectrum bands of 26 GHz and 28 GHz have emerged as two of the most important spectrum bands for our dream of 5G technology to be a reality. They are considered to be so important because they offer some of the widest harmonizations and they also minimize the user complexity of equipment.

Another spectrum band of 40 GHz in the range of (37 GHz to 43.5 GHz) is also very important for introducing flexibility in the 5G Technology. In a meeting held at WRC-19 many countries supported a harmonized identification of spectrum bands lying in the range of 26 GHz, 40 GHz and 66 GHz in order to allow 5G technology to provide ultra high internet speeds and very low latencies to all customer, government and business services. This conference and meeting also paved the way for the use of 50 GHz spectrum bands in 5G technology.
This result means that national governments from around the world can now identify mmWave Spectrum and consider the 5G wave spectrum. In doing so, they will be able to deliver socio and economic benefits in the long run.

5G Spectrum for Coverage and Capacity:
Mobile Operators will be requiring spectrum bands lying below the range of 1 GHz as well as those which lie in the range of 1 to 6 GHz. Amongst all the spectrum bands, 3.5 GHZ bands is gaining immense popularity and if any country wants to take the lead in the 5G development race, should allow Mobile operators to access this 3.5 GHz spectrum band.

Mobile Operators can make the maximum use of 5G and make the most out of it because the success of public services can be jeopardised if we set the 5G spectrum aside for verticals so that it can be used in the priority bands which will only lead to the Spectrum getting wasted. This is why when these verticals will feel the need to require access to this spectrum, sharing it like leasing will be a much better option.

However, allocating new spectrum bands is not the definition of success but it is much more than that. The GSMA calls on regulators and various governments from across the globe to prioritize the services of mobile broadband in place of maximizing revenue generation when they are awarding new frequencies. This is the one thing which all the operators and governments will have to get right if they are dreaming of their country or organization leading in the race of developing 5G technology.