What is 5G PPP (5th Generation Public Private Partnership)?

The 5G Infrastructure Public Private partnership is an initiative between European commission and European ICT Industry. It will deliver various solutions, architectures, technologies for the next generation architectures. 5GPP has various challenges which are required to fulfill and it includes to provide 1000 times higher wireless area capacity and more service capabilities with 90% energy savings per service provided, reducing the average service creation time from 90 hours to 90 mins , facilitating very dense deployments of wireless communication links and to ensure that everyone and everywhere there is an access to wider panel of services. 5GPPP brings together cross project work groups which focuses on various common issues. The reason for launching this 5GPP project was the idea that ICT infrastructure should be required to grow 2020 and beyond. It is developed to strengthen the competitiveness of the European telecom industry.