What is 5G-EIR (5G-equipment identity register)?

The 5G EIR (Equipment Identity Register ) is a key solution for authentication of devices in the network which also includes authentication of IoT devices. Authentication of the networks and the devices are important to prevent attacks and loss of information. 5G-EIR is a component which is independent in nature and it is coupled via SBI (Service based Interfaces) that helps various telecom operators to protect their networks. 5G EIR is the next generation EIR which provides a single , unified access point for authentication of mobile devices in the network. It is a 100 % software based product which supports 2G,3G,4G, 5G and IT interfaces. The 5G-EIR identity check service is a service provided by 5G EIR to check the Permanent Equipment Identifier (PEI) whether it is in black list or not. The service can be consumed by the AMF ( Access and Mobility management function ) which initiates identity check of the mobile equipment or the IoT device connected with the network. Service operations include check equipment identity in which list it is located.