What are the goals for 6G Technology?

Capability for digital twinning, holistic communications, cognitive, and interconnected intelligence will be required for the merging of the physical, human, and digital worlds in 6G Technology.

• Programmability must be at the core of 6G to give flexibility.

• End-to-end deterministic operations must be supported by 6G Technology.

• 6G Technology must provide integrated sensing and communications, allowing for high-resolution sensing and high-accuracy localisation.

• 6G will take a bold approach to sustainability, reducing its energy, resource, and carbon footprint while also improving sustainability in other areas of society and business.

6G Technology must evolve into a really reliable infrastructure which will serve as the foundation for future societies.

• In order for 6G to be accessible to everyone throughout the world, it must be scalable and inexpensive.

• 6G KPIs must greatly exceed the KPIs that 5G can now accomplish.