What are 5G Requirements and Targets?

5G is the need of our future and it is unlike any other existing technology we have today which is why we have to develop some new systems to satisfy the requirements of 5G connectivity. But what are these requirements?

There are 3 major requirements of 5G Technology which are also said to form a Golden Triangle and they are: Latency, Connection Density and Throughput. Let us discuss these requirements one by one in detail.

1. Latency:

Fow 5G technology to exist, we will have to make sure that the latency levels are kept below 10ms. However, it is not as easy as it sounds because attaining Latency levels below 10ms is one of the most difficult tasks of them all because scientists will have to find solutions to problems which will challenge the current laws of Physics.

Low Latency Levels are the fundamental requirements of communication technology which share information in an instant and are very reliable. It is a must have because in the future, 5G technology will be used in Self-driven Automatic cars and will be used to perform remote operations.

2. Connection Density:

If you want to know how effective 5G is over 4G, let me give you a statistic. 4G Cellular network has got an average connection density of nearly 2000 connections per square kilometer whereas 5G is expected to have a Connection Density of nearly 1 million connections per square kilometer. IoT or Internet of Things applications like wearable smart watches, home assistants are getting really popular these days and a high connection density will be required to satisfy the needs of humans in the future and 5G is our only option.

3. Throughput:

Whenever a cellular network is upgraded to a new generation, we experience an increase in the Throughput. This is what happened when we progressed from 3G to 4G and this is what we expect will happen when we will make the transition from 4G to 5G. Scientists currently working on the 5G technology aspire that this technology will provide humans with speeds in excess of 1 GBPS and will make Mobile Broadband a reality. It will also help humans make advancements in the field of Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence.

4. Some other factors:

  1. Spectral Efficiency.
  2. NFV/SDN Strategy
  3. Network Slicing
  4. Edge Computing

Targets of 5G:

We have talked so much about 5G but we still have not figured out what are the targets of this 5G technology. Experts believe that 5G technology will play a very important role in shaping our future because:

  1. It will be the backbone of Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence:

What exactly is Artificial Intelligence? What if I told you AI is nothing but a bunch of codes and a high speed internet connection because it is exactly what AI is. 5G will be really effective in making AI more effective because it will improve the efficiency in situations where information needs to be shared and decisions need to be taken almost immediately like in Self-Driven Cars.

  1. It is gonna be the building blocks of IoT:

IoT and gadgets like Smart Watches, Home Assistants are the need of the future and a high speed internet connection with a high Connection Density is required for them to work efficiently because there will be a lot of devices connected to each other at a time which means that the bandwidth will be divided amongst them. Thus a high speed internet connection is required so that the information is exchanged really quickly no matter how many devices are connected.

  1. Make our cities smarter:

We have often heard our Governments talk about Smart Cities. 5G is the technology that can make this dream of having smart cities a reality.