What are 5G Capabilities?

We have been talking about 5G for quite some time now and we have now started to witness how this technology will look like in the future because some early trials have been successful. 5G has the power and the technology can have a huge impact on our lives because when compared to current existing cellular networks, 5G is expected to provide internet speeds of up to 100 times faster and it will be almost 10 times faster than the fastest broadband internet connection which exists today. This speed will open a lot of new dimensions for humans in the future making our dreams of Artificial Intelligence a reality.

Following are some of the tasks which 5G connection will be able to perform thanks to its super fast speeds:

  1. Remote Surgery:

In the future, your surgeon might be performing the surgery on you but he might not be present physically in the same room as yours. Apart from blazing fast speeds, another important benefit which is accompanied with 5G connections is the low lag time which might not be visible in 4G connections but they do suffer from a lag.

Ericsson is currently working on a technology with a startup named NeuroDigital Technologies in which a surgeon will be wearing a VR Headset and a special glove which will be used to control a robot arm which will be performing the operation on the patients. This can be life saving because it will save the time it takes for a surgeon to travel from one place to another and it might prove to be life saving in some cases.

  1. Giving you the feel of touching something over internet:

Ericsson is working on another project which will provide you the experience of driving a car which is driving at a distance of more than 50 km away from you and because of the blazing fast speed at which data will be transferred, you will be able to feel the bumps and vibrations of the car.

  1. Increasing the amount of self-driven cars:

So far, Self-Driven cars are very few in numbers because while driving, we have to make decisions in an instant and our present network connectivity will not allow our cars to do the same. Major giants like Google and Uber have already started the work on Self-Driven cars and many key market players believe that Self-Driven cars will remain only a concept without 5G technology.

Because of the blazing fast speeds, thousands of cars will be connected to each other at a time so that you can see what’s happening in front of a car which is about a kilometer away from you using video transmission and you can plan ahead accordingly.

  1. Drones:

Drones or UAVs can reach their full potential because of 5G technology. Because of high bandwidth internet connection with greater connectivity, these drones can then be operated for a much longer distance and they will be able to send back high-quality videos in a matter of seconds and it might be a game changer especially in the defence sector.