Reasons why 5G is important?

Why 5G

If I say there is a very high probability that if you’re reading this article on your smartphone device, you must be having a 4G Cellular connection or at least a 3G connection then I would not be wrong because the needs of this world today requires us to use a high speed internet connection. Can you even imagine running a 2G internet connection in today’s world. I guess not because technology has made it almost impossible to imagine a world with slow internet connection.

Now imagine a world, 5 years from now. Humans will make some technological advancements and our requirements will also increase. This is why 5G is important because 5G technology is really important for the technology which we humans will be using in the upcoming future. 5G cellular connections is capable of transmitting data much more efficiently than conventional 4G network and it is estimated to be nearly 40 times more faster than 4G internet connections which means that we will be experiencing much less lags using 5G technology which is extremely important for Self-Driven cars where decisions need to be maken instantly to avoid any accident or mishappening.

Experts believe that 5G technology will boost the global economy as it is estimated that by 2035, 5G technology will create nearly 22 million jobs and will contribute nearly 12.5 Trillion Dollars to the Global Economy.

Reasons why 5G is important?

If you’re thinking 5G is important because it has the ability to provide millions of devices worldwide with super speed internet but it will also be affecting the lives of millions of people from around the globe. Following are some of the benefits of 5G technology:

  1. It will improve accessibility:

Our lives might get much better with the introduction of 5G technology. Experts believe that 5G technology will help in making significant advances in self-driven cars which will provide people with levels of professional and personal freedom like they never had before. It will also increase the use of automated applications which will be connected to each other. This technology will not only help in improving personal conveniences of people but will also provide assistance to those who need help in everyday life.

  1. Increasing the reach and coverage of Mobile Broadband:

The technology used in 5G technology is much more powerful than past technology used in mobile networks. 5G technology is estimated to make great improvements in 3D Holograms because of its increased speed and bandwidth when compared to current mobile networks. It will also change the face of Virtual Reality as we see it today because it will be able to connect people much more efficiently than the current technology allows creating a plethora of opportunities.

  1. It will improve Health, Security and Safety:

5G technology has much greater bandwidth when compared to currently existing 4G technology which means that videos can be streamed much more efficiently without any lags which might prove to be very crucial in performing remote operations. It will create new opportunities for smart cities in the future and will be effective in controlling systems in which the response time is very less.